Braces For Teens In Metairie & New Orleans, LA

At Murphy Orthodontics, we know that getting braces can be the first step to a lifetime of happier and healthier smiles. At Murphy Orthodontics we offer braces for teens in New Orleans & Metairie, LA. For years, teens have been taking this first step and enjoying the improved aesthetics, oral health, and overall confidence that come with their new smiles. This appliance has been a staple of orthodontics for generations because of its ability to deliver reliably stunning results in a short timeline. As your teen enters ages 12 to 16, their jaw and bone structures are considered formed enough to receive treatment successfully. Everyone deserves a smile they’re proud to see in the mirror, and our team is passionate about helping teens achieve their dream smiles. 

How Long Will I Wear Braces?

At our practice, you are treated as one-of-a-kind rather than one of many. This means that we create a unique treatment experience for each of our patients based on their specific orthodontic needs and goals. Depending on the extent of your oral health issues and expectations for treatment, your timeline may vary. While each patient is different, people usually get their braces off within one to two years. For a more exact estimate, we suggest you schedule a complimentary consultation so we can identify your needs and our doctor can give you his expert recommendations. 

What Foods Will I Have to Avoid When Getting Braces?

Wearing braces is an investment of time and money into a future of healthy bites and beautiful smiles. While you are in treatment, we want to help you protect your investment by keeping your braces intact. We strongly encourage you to remove all hard, sticky, and chewy foods from your diet during the process. These foods tend to pull and wires and get stuck in difficult-to-reach places. If your braces get damaged, this could lead to discomfort or even make your treatment longer. 

How Do I Care for My Teeth While Wearing Braces?

Maintaining excellent oral health is essential while you’re in braces. You should continue to brush your teeth twice a day and floss often. When you first get your braces on, it will take some time to learn how to get around your brackets and wires with your toothbrush. We suggest taking a little extra time to work around every hiding spot, so no harmful bacteria or food debris causes decay while you’re in treatment. Losing teeth due to decay could prolong your treatment and keep you from achieving your dream smile in a timely manner. 

How Do I Protect My Mouth When Playing Sports with Braces?

Working toward a healthier bite and a more dazzling smile doesn’t mean you have to give up doing the things you love. You can still play a game of soccer or throw the perfect spiral while wearing braces. Our team wants to help you participate in your favorite activities while protecting your investment into a better smile. When you are playing sports, you should wear a mouthguard specifically fitted for braces. This will protect your appliance from being broken if something hits your face while also protecting your soft tissue from becoming irritated by your metal brackets. 

How Much Do Braces Cost?

The price of braces varies depending on the length of your treatment and the extent of your orthodontic needs. We want to make quality orthodontic care accessible for the teens of New Orleans. We’ve created various flexible financing plans so your family can budget more easily for this life-changing treatment. 

Additionally, we accept many insurance providers, so we can help limit any out-of-pocket costs. For more information on your financial options, we encourage you to reach out to our office so one of our knowledgeable team members can give you whatever  information you need.

Benefits of Braces

It’s no coincidence that braces have stayed the most popular form of orthodontic treatment for years. Our patients trust the efficiency of braces and appreciate the more discreet look of the NiTi wires we use. While braces have the obvious benefit of straightening teeth for a more aesthetically pleasing smile, they can also have an impact on your oral and overall health. 

Having a bad bite and misaligned teeth can lead to more significant issues down the road, such as difficulty speaking, chewing, biting, and more. We seek to solve these issues through braces treatment so you can enjoy a healthier mouth and jaw. This treatment is also known for inspiring confidence among its wearers that lasts long after the final bracket is removed.